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We help build and manage a team of world-class developers to bring your vision to life


Who We are?

Eggspot is a software company located in Vietnam

We help grow your business by bringing your ideas into actions. Technology without hatred is a blessing and hence we strive to make this world a better place through our services.

Our vision

At Eggspot, we are ambitious in long-term client relationships and never compromise when it comes to quality for we are a small team that does big things! We are always venturing to be an out-of-the-box agency and completing each project on-time with efficiency is our priority.

Our Services

How We Bring Your Ideas Into Action

IT Consultations
IT Consultations

Our consultations aim to help your business keep up with the ever-changing digital landscape. We understand that not all business have a core in information technology and often come across many tech related hurdles which can be very costly. With years of experience in the field, we offer custom-tailored consultancy to formulate a digital strategy and empower your business with the power of IT.

Software Development
Software Development

We employ industry best practices to build robust and scalable custom software. Our software go through regulated testing from our expert analysts to ensure that your software application runs smoothly on all browsers or platforms. In addition, if you want to migrate your existing software to other platforms or upgrade it present version, we can help with that as well. Our team is currently working on building plugins for Hubspot, Jira and Shopify.

Website Development
Website Development

Every impression counts when it comes to capturing customers online. We build magnificent websites that makes the best impression about your business and adds to your brand reputation. We don’t only equip your websites with a fancy design but also ensure that its user friendly and responsive. Your online image is now, more than ever, essential to your business’s success and we help you achieve that.


DevOps is an approach to bridge the gap between ‘Development’ and ‘Operation’. It is essential to eliminate long app development cycles to gain a competitive edge. Our Dev-Ops team uses best-in-class development tools and operations to scale up your business and bring you the best of both worlds. We strive to increase efficiency and add value to your organization as an out-of-the box DevOps Service Provider.

Automated testing
Automated testing

Automated testing comes as a relief for validation during various phases of a software project. This improves communication among coders, designers and product owners, and allows potential glitches to be immediately rectified. With Agile testing and DevOps methodologies being widely followed in the IT industry, we guarantee that you can initiate automate the testing even with a minimum viable product.

Our Team

The digital magicians behind our success

Although small, our team is a compilation of dedicated individuals who are enigmas in their respective fields of software services. These people are some of the freshest minds in Vietnam who skip the fleeting noise of trends by always choosing to make data-driven decisions for the best results. Our consultants and developers have all the skills, tools and resources required to help our clients adapt to technological demands in the market and build up revenue through digital transformations. They optimize a 3-step method for every project that involves Planning, Implementing and Maintenance.

Why us?

A software firm by the dreamers for the deamers

Affordable charges

At Eggspot, we understand that sometimes businesses have to make do with a small IT budget and we never let that affect the quality of our services because we believe that less is more and we strive to provide high quality services at affordable costs.

Fresh minds

Being a start-up firm, we are always inspired to go beyond what is orthodox and implement modern solutions for modern problems.


With softwares, it is very important that the end product is top notch because while we are well equipped in IT, all of our clients are not and they won’t be able to tell if something is wrong until it backfires. Hence, we spend a good portion of our time in quality assurance and trial runs

Ready to use the our service?

We offer flexible pricing options for freelancing and design teams.